Orthodontics is a dental specialty that we use at Dover Dental Center that involves braces, retainers, Invisalign and other dental devices to treat the misalignment of teeth. We offer orthodontics surrounding Naperville and Western Suburbs, and want to make sure you are well informed on when and why you should visit us.

What Causes Orthodontic Problems?

There are many different causes that lead to orthodontic problems. However, many of the issues are inherited, some of which include:

  • Crowding: This occurs when teeth have insufficient room to erupt from the gum.
  • Spacing: Wide spacing problems can be caused by missing teeth or a cosmetic problem.
  • Protrusion: This is when the upper teeth extend too far forward or the lower teeth do not extend far enough forward, impacting the appearance and function of your teeth.
  • Bite issues: There are underbite, overbite, crossbite, and open bite issues—all of which can be fixed by specialized orthodontic treatments.
  • Jaw problems: TMJ pain or grinding are jaw problems that orthodontists can help treat with appliances such as nightguards. Did you know that fixing your teeth alignment can actually help your jaw pain?

The problems that aren’t inherited come from thumb sucking, dental disease, accidents, or the early or late loss of baby teeth.

Why Should You Get Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment can help alleviate oral discomfort, creating a better bite and making teeth fit better in your mouth. Additionally, treatment can decrease the risk of future and costly dental problems. Without treatment, many orthodontic problems can worsen over time and become more of a pain to deal with.

When Can A Child First Visit The Orthodontist?

Your child should get checked out by the orthodontist at no later than 7 years old. The reasoning behind this age is that your child now has enough permanent teeth for an orthodontist to determine whether an orthodontic problem exists or is developing. If a problem with a child’s teeth is detected early on, it may be easier to treat and correct.

Can Adults Benefit From Orthodontics?

It doesn’t matter how old you are when it comes to orthodontic treatment! Healthy teeth can be moved around and fixed at any age. The technological advancements in the dental world have helped adults use a variety of appliances while inconspicuously achieving the smile they want.

We provide orthodontics serving Naperville and are ready to give you the most personalized, gentle care that you and your family deserve. Contact us today to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

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