Tooth Repair

At Dover Dental Center, we offer a variety of tooth repair dental services near Naperville to help make your teeth look and feel fantastic. Read more or visit our dentist in Naperville to learn how we can restore your smile. 


Dental fillings are most often used to restore a tooth to its normal function and shape following tooth decay, but can also be used to repair cracked or worn down teeth. If you are experiencing symptoms including toothaches, sharp pain or temperature sensitivity, you should visit our dentist near Naperville to consider a filling.

A dental filling procedure follows three simple steps: 

  • After the area is numbed, a dentist will use a series of small drills to carefully remove the problem area of the tooth while leaving the strong parts intact. 
  • The tooth will then be rebuilt using filling material. Porcelain or composite resin are carefully color-matched to your existing smile, and it’s the most popular filling material, but gold and silver fillings can also be used. 
  • Lastly, your dentist will check your bite and make adjustments if necessary to align your teeth comfortably.   

Root Canal 

A root canal procedure is needed when the nerve of the tooth becomes extremely decayed or infected. The term root canal is used to describe the cavity that protects the tooth nerve. When a root cavity becomes infected, the pulp within the root cavity begins to deteriorate. If this material is not removed by a dentist near Naperville, the infection can spread past the tooth, creating an abscess. This can cause swelling of the face or neck, jaw bone loss, and drainage into the gums if not treated. 

A root canal is performed over a series of two appointments. In the first appointment, the dentist will take an x-ray of your tooth to determine the extent of decay and drill an access hole to remove the pulp and nerve tissue from the root cavity. The pulp is removed by using a series of dental files. The access hole is then resealed. At the next appointment, the dentist will focus on restoring the function of the tooth exterior using a filling or dental crown. Local anesthesia will be used throughout the procedure to ensure the patient will not feel pain.  


While adult teeth are meant to last your entire life, an extraction or pulled tooth may be needed for a multitude of reasons including trauma, intense decay, infection or crowding. Our dentists near Naperville are specialized in removing teeth efficiently and in a pain-free manner. 

Our experienced dental professionals are ready to restore your smile with any of these dental services near Naperville. Contact Dover Dental Center to schedule an appointment today! 

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